Last month I was on a long trip to Asia because of the new project our company got recently , and I forgot to web check in and my seat got stuck between two old aunties who were really annoying me with the gossip they were making about the family drama. So I tried to divert my mind off it by reading some new over the internet on my phone, but it wasn’t working at all then I looked for the lottery updates, it helped for some time. After that I tried watching some entertainment stuff like a rugby tournament, heavy weight championship & all. But eventually I went for the online slot machines which I was avoiding for so long. And the reason behind is that my luck has not been with me in playing slots while travelling.

Grand 7s Asian Pokies OnlineEventually, I take out my android device and start searching for the new games and I had this thing of choosing the machine with the mood then I came to remember that there is a slot game that was being talked in the office few days back it was the grand 7s. I looked pokies online for its reviews, rating and tutorial videos on youtube and I also took care of understanding the pay table of the game.

It is a 3 reel slot with one pay line that can get you enough fun and money, if you are not willing to play with all the concentration, a pretty simple game that even beginner can play along easily too. I was also in a light mood after all so in order to maintain it I started playing it. That’s how I managed to cope the time going and easily passed the pretty long journey. And that’s how the episode ends of coping the time while earning as well.

Watch out this LA version of this game