I love exploring new beaches of this beautiful world, specially the beaches and the coast where very few people has made their footsteps. There is nothing better than the perfect weather with the exotic beauty of the isolated beaches. Sometimes I really think of buying one if these would be on for sale. If I got one then this would be the perfect dream world with all the luxuries to relax with the spas and Jacuzzis and all the family accommodation.

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All these thought came in to my mind when I was on a visit to the gold coast though the cruise which was given to me by my boss, because that year i made him a great profit and he also gave a gift card for the expenses to be made on the trip. On this long trip of cruise it was pretty hard to cope the time after two days, so I managed to get my phone out and started playing online fruit machine. Then I called one of my best buddies to suggest me some new and exciting machine and he referred me the name gold coast.

Then I looked out on the web to see its reviews and rating and also watch some tutorial videos on youtube and other online pokies reviews site and the most important thing I decided to analyses the pay table rules and stuff before getting to the real play. At first I played with the free spin which I got on registering on the vendor’s website. I found that Gold Coast is a three reel, five lines, and 5 coin classic slot machine game based truly on the retro land based machines of Vegas. And the very best thing about this is that even beginners can play it with so much ease and comfort. That’s how I coped the time of such a long trip.