I had this dream last night; actually it came from the movie I watched previous night the movie called the 21. It is a story of a genius student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who needed to earn some fast money to pay his bills and debts, so he joins a club of some unorthodox people guided and trained by another genius professor who trained them to cheat the casinos of Vegas and best online pokies with the help of fast calculations and math to exploit the weakness of the casinos. And in doing so he committed some series of events that plotted the story. Considering this factor I also thought that maybe I could do some of the things while playing on the land based machines. So with this thought I went to sleep and there I was using the math and probability on the video slots online.

Play Break Away Online PokiesI was playing this game called the break away in my dream and somehow using the probability and calculations I don’t know how, after all it was a dream. So I managed to win some big bonus online and I since I slept with the headphones in the ear, there was some music playing too, the world famous song stronger of Kelly Clarkson. Later in the morning when I woke up I was looking for ways and was wondering too that is there any possibility that I can experience the same on real world.

We live in the 20 century and everyone is using mobile phones or I can say smartphones. In the market you can find a wide variety of the cell phones like android, ios, windows and others, but I didn’t have one yet. The very day I purchased one started playing the “break away” slot. It is a five reel video slot game with more than 200 permanently enabled chances of pays. The multiplier also increases the chance of winning by a huge number.